Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hippo butts / Zoo redemption

We had a pleasant experience at the Oregon Zoo yesterday. I still think the attraction is generally over-priced, but since my friend Sarah invited us as complimentary guests on her zoo membership, the cost was not a factor. And we had a really nice time letting the kids walk around and indulging in some adult conversation.

Every exhibit we toured was populated with its appropriate animals, so there were no disappointing, empty habitats. We didn't visit every area in the zoo, but Sarah introduced me to some exhibits that I was not even aware existed! My favorite was "Lorikeet Landing" where you go into a small aviary where dozens of neon tropical birds will (sometimes) come right up and let you touch them. You can even feed them little cups of nectar (apparently you usually have to pay for these [!] but the bird-keeper gave Sarah one for free). I just thought it was neat to be among some animals instead of observing them from a distance. There is a larger aviary on the far side of the zoo where I have been many times before, but I rarely see any birds up close. They must be in there, however, because that is where this particular inside joke originated [this is for you, Jenn]: "Jennifah, Jennifah...Look! Buuuuuhds!"].

We also saw a gorgeous lepoard sitting on the ground right next to the glass in its home near the front of the zoo. But it was behind this little bamboo wall, which as we approached it looked like an "employees only" area to me. So apparently I've been missing this beautiful leopard all along. I think they should draw more attention to its awesome presence.

The real reason for this post, if I'm being completely honest, is to give me an excuse to post this spectacular photo:
Ah, hippo butts. A classic zoo encounter. You can see why I just couldn't decide on the more appropriate title for today's post. Thanks for the great (free) day at the zoo, Sarah and Demitri. We had fun!


Jennifer said...

I think that is one of the longest running inside jokes that I'm in on :) It was my first thought as soon as you mentioned an aviary.

Jeni said...

We are also zoo members. And while the kids like seeing the animals and I enjoy teaching them new things. The main reason we go is to wear them out... we let them run around and look at all the animals, I push a stroller which at times is loaded down with three kids, we all get a good work out and are ready for naps when we get home.
Since we get to take people for free, we have gone several times, and always when I go with my friend Kristen (not you, I know a lot of Kristen's) and her son Carson, we see things a little more adult... not sure if it is just that she brings out that side of me or if things really do get "worse" when she is around.
The most memorable was the VERY turned on male Rhino, made even more memorable by her 2 year old, "mom what's hims got stuck on his belly?"
hehe I only wish I could remember what her answer was!! I think she changed the subject and moved on!


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