Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sub-zenith run


That would be my major damage with completing our "big 5-mile run" goal in conjunction with the Portland Marathon. It was difficult to be as proud of our accomplishment as we deserved to be when our feat was significantly overshadowed by those who ran more than five times the distance. I felt kind of like the freshman at Senior Prom. Margie and I got to take advantage of the endless spread of free food and product samples at the finish line, all of which I couldn't help but feel was a bit ill-gotten. And whenever I use my Marathon-logo tote bag I feel a bit naughty, and like I should scrawl over it with my Sharpie: "only ran the 5-miler."

Margie and Kristen near the 5-mile (and 26.2 mile) Finish Line
near Portland's Waterfront 10/4/08

Don't get me wrong, I am really excited that we did what we set out to do...and after only 8 weeks of running. I was 100% faithful to my training plan, incorporating the specified run lengths between Curves workouts and other activities to keep me exercising 6 days per week. Since this run on October 4, I've had a hard time getting back into that groove, between being on vacation and then catching up from being on vacation. So my body feels pretty rotten right now, and I'm looking forward to returning to that place where exercise is a non-negotiable part of my daily routine.

The whole experience was pretty great, actually. It was a perfect day: cool and cloudy, and only started drizzling toward the end of our race. Margie and I are amazed at our luck with the weather. The very first time we ran together was through a downpour. But since then, during 8 weeks of training, we have not ran in rain once. That doesn't mean it hasn't rained around here for 8 weeks (hello, we live in NW Oregon), but that on rainy days the clouds simply parted when we were ready to hit the pavement.

I ran my usual pace (10:07) and finished with a decent beginner's time (50:35). It certainly was not a breeze for me--not even close. I approached that finish line with burning thighs and a tedious sideache, thrilled that it would be over very, very soon. Want to know the rest of my sweet stats? Overall: placed 538 out of 1255 people who ran the 5-mile race. Among women: 246 out of 814. Age group: 52 out of 115 females age 25-29, right smack in the middle.

The best part was the rest of our relaxing morning downtown. We drove up to Northwest Portland for breakfast, and in addition to some artisan crepes, I savored the most rich, delectable mocha I have ever experienced. It was magical. Then I was delighted to find a little Asian nail salon that happened to be open on Sunday, and had myself what could be the best cheap pedicure ever, too! What a lucky day. Normally these types of places have names like Nail4U or Best Star Nail and feature bright flourescent lighting and the calming sound of Maury Povich from an overhead TV. But this place was serene, the tech unwrapped brand new tools for me as she worked, and the piece de resistance: a hot wet towel for my neck. After running a race in the rain, this was Heaven. It rivaled the day spa experience, for the chop shop price.

Now it's time to pick the next race so we have an imminent event to motivate our workouts. Thanks to all my loyal supporters (including you girls who ran the big PM and never left me feeling a diminished sense of worthiness)!

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Bridget said...

Awesome! That is a great time. The weather looks so nice in your picture. I'm not even kidding. I love running on misty cool days like that.

Wear your shirt and carry your tote bag with pride, woman!


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