Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy birthday, Husband

When I completed my cyber-tag, the most challenging part was deciding on only four things I like about my husband. In honor of Gary's 31st birthday today, I'm posting the rest of the list. (Obviously, it's not everything I like about him. I spared you the most sappy reasons and anything that might be considered "TMI")


  • He can be adorably goofy
  • He does 90% of the housework, does it thoroughly, and rarely tries to make me feel guilty about it
  • He loves to read to our daughter
  • He knows me better than anyone, and loves me in spite of it
  • He always lets me put my ice cold feet on him to get warm
  • He can spot a great candid photo opportunity (when we first met he hated being in pictures, and he’s come a long way)
  • He is surviving us being the “black sheep” in my family
  • He understands that education and knowledge are not similes
  • He is a good sport about doing things that mean a lot to me, even if not to him
  • He can say “I’m sorry”
  • He is a very good driver
  • He is a sci-fi geek—I’m glad we can maintain separate interests
  • He can plan epic romantic surprises
  • He helps me be a better person
  • He likes Chick Flicks (the good ones, anyway)
  • He appreciates the intrigue of nature
  • He chose to be compassionate, successful, and confident--overcoming the odds stacked against him
  • He makes me laugh every day
  • He loves going on outdoor adventures
  • He lets me sleep in on the weekends
  • He likes it when I play the piano, even if my skills are a bit rusty
  • He is an advocate of natural childbirth, and was perfectly supportive while our baby was born at home
  • He can unscrew the lid of any stuck jar (after I loosen it up)
  • He can whip out relevant Simpsons quotes almost as well as I
  • He thinks of everything we might need on an outing, and has it packed up before I’m even ready to go
  • He loves me in pigtails
  • He appreciates great poo and fart humor
  • He views parenting as an equal partnership
  • He takes care of his health and appearance
  • He is passionate about his beliefs while respecting those held by others
  • He read the Twilight series, which I have not, and I think that’s cute (I'll just watch the movies)
  • He loves good food at least as much as I do; there's less guilt when you binge with a buddy
  • He can engage in intelligent, interesting, and entertaining conversation—my favorite person to talk to!
  • He can’t wait to learn how to French braid Madelyn’s hair
  • He will post a comment for the very first time on this blog post (right Honey?)



Gary said...

10 reasons (in no particular order) why Kristen is the best wife I've ever had :-)

1)She is beautiful when she wakes up in the morning, even without any makeup.

2)She takes the time and energy to find what is best for her and/or her family even if it goes against conventional wisdom.

3)She is not afraid to tell me when I am being an "arse."

4)She forgives me for my all too frequent forays into being an "arse."

5)She pushes herself outside of her comfort zone, and occasionally drags me along with her, forcing us both to grow and become better people.

6)She usually doesn't take life too seriously.

7)When my jokes are so incredibly funny that no one else gets them, she still does,and sometimes even laughs(sometimes with me, and sometimes at me)

8)She likes to organize.

9)She has an appreciation for beauty in even it's most obscure manifestations.

10)Last but certainly not least...The Simpsons.

I love you very much Kristen. Thank you for putting up with me.


Kristen said...

Gary, I expected you to leave a witty, sarcastic remark, not this beautiful tribute. Thanks for proving my point: you are amazing!

Bridget said...

Happy Birthday, Gary!

Jeni said...

Ahh you guys are a little sickening with the mushy stuff... lol but it's sweet at the same time.
I am glad you are both so happy to have each other, it is great when your spouse can also be your best friend!
Here's to great husbands!!!


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