Saturday, November 15, 2008

NaBloPoMo hump day

Man alive, I hope I don't get all sorts of the wrong kind of people reading my blog now that it features the words 'hump' and 'scantily-clad teens' in successive titles.

What this is really about is that I have reached the halfway mark of NaBloPoMo! I now feel committed enough to officially post the icon on my blog. Ta Da! There it is in all its glory. Perusing the "official" website, it seems like National Blog Posting Month may as well be any and every month. I might be incorrect, but it would appear that they (who "they" are, I do not know) run a contest every month for those who sign up and participate by posting for 30 or 31 consecutive days (February = slackers). So crushed is my image of bloggers the world over joining forces each November to front a united surge into daily blogging.


That's okay. I didn't get started to win any prizes (although I won't pretend to be so benevolent that I would turn one down if I happened to be that lucky).

I decided to give NaBloPoMo a try because I like blogging. But I operate each day based on a series of organized piles and to-do lists. Blogging doesn't usually make the list, and as a business owner and working mother, "free" time is hard to come by. I wanted to see if my competetive nature would be enticed by this challenge enough to pull it off. I was more than a little unsure that I would be able to do it, and although it's far from over, having posted for 15 days straight, I feel confident that I won't give up now. Even if it means sacrificing sleep and procrastinating more important projects, evidently.

An exciting benefit of this blogging blitz has been, for me, the sharpening of once-respectable skills, rusty from years of limited use. It's been fun to dust off the creative writing corner of my mind and reconnect some disassociated synapses. Day by day my thoughts flow into words a little more easily. Good news, since NaBloPoMo has been more time consuming than I had anticipated. That's what you get from an out-of-practice perfectionist.

Thanks for the recommendation, Bridget. I'm going to make you (and ME!) proud.

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Bridget said...

I am already so proud! I love that about blogging - it's great writing practice.


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