Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Did you miss me?

I thought I'd give the keyboard a rest for a couple days while I prepared for my trip to Nashville, which is where I currently sit, reflecting on a successful completion of NaBloPoMo 2009. I believe Bridget's assertion that National Blog Posting Month is technically in November every year.  I feel quite left out that I'm not participating along with the masses, but I was craving the challenge in October and knew with certainty that I could not logistically post every day in November.  But most of all, I think trying NaBloPoMo in different months of the year offers new ideas for subject matter and makes the daily posting just a little easier. Maybe.

Somehow NaBloPoMo seemed a little easier this year than last. I didn't spend nearly as many hours wondering "what in tarnation am I going to write about today?" (probably because all the ideas have been building up over the months of limited blogging).  I resorted to centering a post on non-original material only once (but at least people seemed to enjoy it).  Twice my choice of subject was an even poorer excuse for a post (however babysitting and overseas visitors would otherwise be excellent excuses not to post). 

Daily blogging became the catalyst to reintroduce Flashback Friday, which I almost always have a lot of fun writing.  This month we got a total of five flashbacks!  One from elementary school, one from junior high, two from high school, and one from recent years, unwittingly even presented in that order.  First I explained two separate instances where Popularity was stripped from my grasp, then revisited a very odd trip to Eugene with my friend for a vocal competition, and rounded out the flashbacks with two costume-related memories.  There were two other Halloween-related posts: a look at the Goodwill waxing a bit sociological, and a look at homemade spooky goodies waxing a bit domesticated.  Of course, my two sixlists were basically flashbacks as well, remembering inspirational childhood movies and forgettable fads.

This month we all got to know a little more about some of Kristen's favorite things--betcha didn't know I love Big Macs and Disney movies. Now, appreciating great deals on used stuff isn't too weird, but maybe you're right that my infatuation with Gmail is a bit unorthodox.  I'll make no apologies for my Simpsons obsession though, and along with that post, my run-in with the psychotic job-hunter joined ranks among my all-time favorite posts.  A couple of other favorites this month were short and sweet: a photo of tiny white bums; a child's quotable quip.  

I can't believe only a month has passed since I shared my bewilderment witnessing a girl left alone on the swings.  As you can see, so much has been written here since then, yet a few questions remain unanswered; a few stories beg for closure.  First of all, the wretched forehead atrocity took nearly two and a half weeks to clear up (salvation discovered in cute hats and long bangs), but lamentably reappeared after I got my eyebrows waxed at a salon a few days ago in preparation for this trip.  So now I have a big zitty forehead again at a very inopportune time (not like there's ever an opportune time for zits, but there are times when less photographs will be taken and when I wouldn't have to face people I only see one or two times a year with a pink galaxy all over my stupid ugly face!).  Ahem.  Also, remember the Roasted Chestnut that I left on my hair for three times the recommended brewing time while I wrote all about my unintended reaction to the waxing and facial cleanser combination? It did turn out a little more like Burnt-to-a-Crisp Chestnut. Darker than planned, but my hair doesn't look too horrible.  Just my face.

Also, I met the author of The Familiar Stranger at our book club meeting. She is really funny and sweet, and we had a great discussion about her choices in incorporating the Christian message and focusing on that audience, etc.  It was a very interesting chat and Christina Berry was very open, honest, and down-to-earth.  I know I joked around a bit about all the praying and forgiveness in her book, but I want to reiterate that I did enjoy the story very much.

After using my Nike+ iPod sensor for a few more weeks, I have three tidbits to add to my review: 1) I miss being able to use the Lap function that was on my iPod's regular menu, which can't be accessed while using the Nike+ sensor.  With the push of a button I could record a lap, or a mile, or a kilometer, and view/save the pace for that lap.  This was very helpful in analyzing race times, and I wish it was available with the Nike Plus.  2) On a related note, there is no way to view my average pace during a run. Nike+ shows me my current pace (again, I don't know how long the lag time on measuring that is), but I can't tell how I'm matching a goal pace over a long distance.  3) The distances my Nike+ sensor was measuring seemed to be incredibly close to what satellite maps show, but on some recent longer routes, the sensor appeared to be around a half mile off! My assumption is that as my speed and stride improve, re-calibration is necessary.

Also on the running front, I wanted to let you know that those huge, odd "running gloves" shrunk in the wash so now they fit, and they are actually really soft and warm. So although I'm still baffled as to why they are classified as running gloves, they will keep my hands warm if I choose to wear them while running. I knew that dilemma was probably eating you up inside all this time.

We haven't made any move toward converting to a toddler bed. It's not a priority.  We may try having Madelyn sleep on the pull-out bed in our suite in Vegas later this month, which may offer some insight on how she'd do in a bed without railings at home.  It might present a very smooth opportunity for the transition. But I haven't even mentioned the idea to Gary, so we'll see.

My other kids, Loki and Kezia, are just fine after eating 2.5 packages of energy/electrolyte chews.  So you can stop worrying about that.  And also my good buddy Daphne picked up some more for me so I had a pack of Black Cherry for Run Like Hell.  Thank goodness.

Remember the bag of crappy toys I collected for my Moms Club's toy swap?  Yes, other people brought toys, but they were placed in the other room where the kids were playing, so no one had to see me sheepishly set my pathetic contribution among them.  I did not feel we deserved to take any toys from the swap, and hadn't planned on receiving any.  But after the meeting a friend made a last call for the leftover toys, and nearly everyone was gone.  I found the most adorable set of soft dinosaur bowling pins and balls that look brand new. No one wanted them. So they came home with me. Score. Or should I say, "strike!" Sorry, that was really lame.  Here is Madelyn cradling one of the dinos she prefers as a doll when we were incidentally at an actual bowling alley.

I thought of another drawback to my recent weight loss: my wedding ring spins around on my finger and the feel of the diamond between my ring finger and pinkie is very annoying to me. I have to take it off while typing. Not sure I can or should get it re-sized, because my knuckle hasn't shrunk...

After all this wonderfully entertaining writing, can you believe I didn't gain ONE SINGLE NEW FOLLOWER? Sigh. Guess I know who my real friends are. Just kidding. Rather, I guess my friends don't take too kindly to pathetic begging for approval.  Even if you're not willing to admit publicly that you read my blog, I know you are out there and I appreciate the verbal and email comments too.

Thanks for reading! I'll try to keep up a good momentum for a little while, and there will always be NaBloPoMo 2010 to get me back on track.  Perhaps I'll do September next year...I see a pattern emerging from my rogue blogging ways.


Amber said...

That's funny, I was feeling kind of left out about NaBloPoMo, too. When I told Jason that he suggested I try it for November as well...but I just don't have it in me. Maybe next year. Anyway, it was fun participating with you, and I'm glad I did it in October. I don't think I could have handled one more month of pathetically low blog posts!

Jennifer said...

I've enjoyed reading your posts each day. Don't be hurt I don't follow your blog--I don't follow any blogs. They are on my Google Reader and I decided to just not join in on the following.

Keep it up--I'll be reading!

Mikael said...

no one follows my blog either... who cares. I dont officially "FOLLOW" blogs, I just read when I want to (or maybe I just dont know how to use google reader...). keep writing, the readers are there whether you see them or not (like me)


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