Saturday, July 13, 2013


My brother Bryan and I had so much fun on the "FlowRider" at Maverick's in Sunriver. This is a surfing simulator. While I can't say we are ready to catch a tube in the ocean, it was a unique experience and I definitely recommend it!

Here is the FlowRider at rest and when they first turn on the water. The entire surface and all the walls are padded. At the top is a rubber grate to drain the water but keep your mangled body afloat. You'll see what I mean.

The bottom 2 photos show the lifeguard demonstrating how to surf the fake wave. Looks pretty easy!

This is the first picture I took of Bryan:
You can see his head at the top of the wave...he wasn't on the board long enough for me to even capture. 

Bryan demonstrates the whole process:
1. Get set up
2. Push off
3. Momentary thrill
4. Wipeout 
5. Regain your spatial bearings and hope (in my case) your swimsuit is still on

There were about 10 other people participating, so we had to take turns throughout the 90-minute session. I tried the wakeboard first: you start at the top and kind of leap face-first onto the board on your belly.  Somehow I messed it up and instantly lost the board, leaving me face down with water forcing my swim top off my chest. So after one attempt I chose to focus on trying to master the surfboard. 

Here are a few more pictures of Bryan wiping out before we get to some video action!
The pictures of him surfing look pretty good! Too bad he was usually down after only a few seconds. 

Each of us on an early attempt:
We look so awkward!

Two of my better rides, including a gnarly wipeout:
I was the only girl out of about a dozen participants (except an 8-year old who mostly did the boogie board), and I am PROUD to say I held the record for the longest ride! Based on Bryan's counting, I almost mastered the bull ride, at 7 seconds. (I think one guy may have reached 8 seconds toward the end, but until then, I was their idol, ha ha.)

The whole thing was tons of fun, and much harder than it looks! I have no idea how similar that is to real surfing, but it must be very challenging. Also, I think I got whiplash because that night I could not lift my head off the pillow without using my hands for support, and my neck was quite sore for a few days afterward.  Bryan and I agreed: it was totally worth it!

And now, just because WOW, here's that kid showing off:
In the second clip he's shirtless (you're welcome!) but it must have distracted him because he falls. One thing I didn't catch on video: he fell but the board kept "surfing" on its own on the wave. Bryan and I goaded him to walk through the water and jump on it, and he did it! It looked so cool, and we were awestruck nerds. :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Does anyone else think this inflatable slide is in very poor taste? It is a real party rental!

Turning one of the world's tragedies into party entertainment? Why is this more acceptable than a Sandy Hook Dodgeball Obstacle or Twin Tower Bungee Jump?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rugged Maniac 2013

I'm a huge fan of "adventure" races; I think it's much more fun than just running on the road. My sister Diana and I did the Rugged Maniac 5k at Portland International Raceway together.

First we must get our "outfits" on.

August is lookin' good!

I'm so grateful my parents came along - Dad watched my kids and Mom took lots of pictures!

Ready to get RUGGED!

Diana took the time to put on her "Age 21" bracelet and her "Free Beer" bracelet (which she will not need!)...

...then as we heard the final call for our wave to begin, she remembered she hadn't changed into her crappy shoes! Ha ha. 

The first obstacle was climbing through this waist-deep mud pit with a hundred or so other people. 

Diana navigating the uphill barbed wire crawl.

My favorite picture! (Rugged Maniac even posted it on their facebook page.) :)

My mom was only able to photograph a handful of obstacles near the finish line. There were over 20 obstacles over 3.1 miles.

Lots of climbing, lots of mud, tunnels, balance beams, and more.

And the big finish!

That was way more fun than the rest of it - lots of pretty tough challenges.


We did it.

Rugged chicks!

Madelyn did NOT want a hug from Mommy!

Our amazing photographer and supporter!

Next came the group showers. FREEZING cold water.
We had a little water fight with the guys next to us, and there were bits of debris everywhere, if you catch my drift. 

We can't wait to do this again...thinking about Race the Reaper this fall. It's 6 miles and the obstacles are SERIOUS.  I get excited watching the video on their home page - check it out!  We want my dad to do Rugged Maniac with us next year, he would do great!


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