Saturday, October 17, 2009

Come, follow me?

Nothing brightens my day like logging on to Blogger and noticing that I have a new Follower! It doesn't happen very often, but it gives me a thrill to know that someone out there enjoys reading my blog enough that they are not ashamed to admit it.

Is my self esteem dependent on your approval? Does my own perceived worth as a writer improve with the addition of each loyal reader? Will I live a more satisfied existence knowing that you appreciate the time and effort I put into this blog?

Well, yeah, basically.

So if you aren't a Follower yet, shame on you! Just kidding. But if you want to make my day as Laura did today, just give a little clicksie to the button called "Follow" over there on the left. I promise it won't bite. Pretty please?

(with a cherry on top)

1 comment:

Laura AC said...

...I've been lurking for months ;) thought I'd make it official. I saw your Nablopomo...I'm doing Nanowrimo starting nov 1st, you should too!!


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