Thursday, November 20, 2008

The most blessed tag

Thank you, thank you Bridget, for tagging me today. Like you, I don't prefer to take part in these cyber-games, but on day 20 of NaBloPoMo, it is a very welcome break. Today I don't have the mental clarity or the time to write the engaging post I had planned, because Madelyn has been very demanding, she won't take her nap, I have to go to work pretty soon, and I won't get home until late. So for rescuing me, you're my new b.f.f. Guess I won't have to say TTYN to you! (Nothing like a Paris Hilton reference to trash up my blog.)

On to the 'tag, you're it' excitement! Today's game is to post "the sixth picture in the sixth folder on my computer." With those vague instructions, I arrived at the featured photo by clicking through these six folders: My Computer--Winters' Documents--My Documents--My Pictures--2005 (the first folder in My Pictures)--Anaheim 05 (the first sub-folder under 2005). The sixth photo in this folder is:

A great picture I think! I was headed inside the Anaheim Convention center along with a thousand other women, and noticed this stunning piece of Accidental Modern Art. Such beautiful work deserves a title. My idea is "Where Starbuck's Goes to Die." I'm sure the creative minds out there can do better than that. Care to help?


ciboulette said...

Great title!

Bridget said...

I love this picture. I bet it could win a contest somewhere.


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