Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The stool saga continues

This morning Madelyn "helped" me make some cookies. Part of that process included forging a few new dents in our kitchen cabinets, courtesy of pointy-square-stool. Anxious for the arrival of my new, sleek Kik Step stool, I decided to find the shipping confirmation email to see when I could expect the cabinet-carnage to cease.

I love, love, LOVE the way my gmail platform operates. When I received the original confirmation email from, I didn't even open it. I knew it was my order summary, so simply archived it, knowing it could be easily retrieved if the need to review it ever arose. So this morning, I found the email I was looking for in an instant. Only it wasn't an order confirmation as I had assumed.

The email contained an apology for the "unexpected error" that caused the item I ordered to be "incorrectly priced" at the time of my order. Poop!

So my ridiculously good deal on what appears to be the most amazing stool ever created was indeed too good to be true. So I searched online today to see if I could find one in a price range that I might consider. They are priced between $52.17 and $148.27 on every site I could find, many of which offer free shipping. On eBay there are some as low as $39.95, plus at least $10 shipping. I'm going to keep looking before I give in to paying that much for a step stool. Can't wait until one day when money isn't quite so tight around here and I can just get the things we need and want without all this drama.

So....the adventure continues. And for those of you who knew without a second glance that the stool from IKEA was for sitting, not standing, I just want to say: don't you think all furniture for small children ought to be safe enough to stand on, since they will inevitably do that anyway? There is probably a sticker on the box we missed that said, "varning: alder tre och uppe." Crazy Swedes and their delicate plastic furnitures. Yeah, and their meatballs aren't that great either.

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Jennifer said...

Ok, I have no idea if this stool is too cheesy for you, but I saw this at the store yesterday and thought of you. It looked sturdy and the corners were rounded. Good luck in your search!


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