Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do you know why I love Autumn?

Two words: Hot cocoa. You just can't drink it unless it's chilly outside. Also, I'm a big fan of crocheted scarves, wool hats, big fuzzy blankets, and all the cozy things that have been stashed away for months. We're also blessed with new seasons of The Office and The Simpsons, and to top it all off: the evergreens in my backyard appear to be engulfed in flames.


Jennifer said...

Wow! I miss the fall colors--that is beautiful!

Jeni said...

it really does look to be on fire... RUN!!!! lol This is my favorite time of year, it is so gorgeous, when it isn't soaking wet that is!

Syrinity said...

You nailed it but you forgot dressing in layers. It's a beautiful thing. Also, is it just me or is there more snuggling in cooler whether?


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