Saturday, November 8, 2008

Six things I intend never to accomplish

Six common voluntary activities I'd be happy to live my entire life without doing:

In no particular order...

1. Spend 3 figures on a purse or article of clothing

2. Smoke a cigarette (or cigar, joint, pipe, whatever)

3. Eat cheese full of writhing maggots, even if it is a delicacy

4. Bungee jump

5. Watch a Michael Moore "documentary," abominations to the genre

6. Own a minivan

What won't make your "been there, done that" list?


Bridget said...

Wow, I really can't think of anything off the top of my head. Maybe...dye my hair?

Did you see Sicko? It was over the top (of course), but I did think there were some good points raised.

Mikael said...

what? no minivan? I am getting one in a couple weeks and I have to be honest, I am SOOO STOKED!! I can't wait! They are spacious, roomy, comfy, and oh so "mommy". I guess I have truly made it now

Wiyaka said...

I am going to have to agree with you on all of the above! Especially the cheese... people really eat that? Gross.

Jeni said...

I am starting to wonder if "leave Kristen a comment" is going to have to go on my list... lol this thing doesn't want to work for me today!
In addition to everything on your list (with the exception of the minivan (that is atoss up for me))
implants, lipo suction... or any other cometic surgery!

Kristen said...

Bridget, about Sicko: I didn't see it (remember watching a MM movie is one of the things I don't intend to do in my lifetime). If it raised some good points, then I commend the filmmaker for that. I assume that all of hid movies aren't pieced together entirely from fiction. But many of the people who would watch his would-be documentaries won't bother to conduct their own independent research and may not even realize their "over-the-top" nature. Would you agree that is a dangerous way to educate the public about issues as serious as healthcare, government, and terrorism?


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