Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Six utterly embarrassing confessions

1. I can count on one hand the number of books I have read cover-to-cover in the past 5 years. One of them was a baby name book.

2. I use the return address labels that come in the mail without donating to the charity that sends them.

3. I am a very careful re-gifter.

4. One time I followed some loathesome customers into the Stanford's parking lot and nonchalantly flipped them the bird. They called my manager, of course, and I convincingly denied their (true) allegations.

5. I have kissed at least 28 guys (that's how many I could remember, although I couldn't remember all of their names) and 2 girls.

6. I wet my pants until first grade. The doctor gave me medication because he said my bladder was small for my age. But the truth is, I just hated going to the bathroom.

Yikes. And unfortunately, there are more where these came from. Now that I feel like a pathetic wretch of person, won't you please assure me I'm not the only one with dark secrets? Go ahead, get one off your chest.


Bridget said...

I'm just impressed that you read the baby name book cover to cover.

Mikael said...

I can't count the number of guys I have kissed. I actually have no clue if it is in the hundreds or five hundreds (yes, you never knew this part of my life....)

Kristen said...

Bridget, I'm a little bit obsessive-compulsive that way. I wasn't finished reading the boys' names when we went to have the ultrasound to find out baby's gender. Instead of waiting until afterward to see if it would even be necessary to finish, I pushed through the rest in the waiting room (thankfully that OB's office has an average wait time of 2.3 months).

Mikael, Hooray fellow lip-slut! I thought there would be a lot more on my list too, and honestly I think there are some I have no recollection of.


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