Monday, November 8, 2010

Mini Movie Reviews: Four dramas

I've watched at least 17 movies from Netflix since the last time I posted reviews. Here's a group of dramatic films that I enjoyed in the spring.

I actually had no idea this was based on a novel. I enjoyed the moving story of the conflicted father a great deal. 
I did know this one was based on a book. It was also very tender, with an expectedly slow pace.

Okay, I didn't know this one was based on a story, either. A short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald it turns out. The overarching concept of the story (a man aging in reverse) was certainly unique.  The rest of the plot was not quite as interesting, but the special effects behind Brad Pitt's physical transformation deserve recognition. If you're curious (ha ha) you can check out this little video about the CGI. 
Here is a movie--like so many others--that I watched somewhat begrudgingly, properly convinced that it wasn't going to be my cup of tea, only to be thoroughly captivated instead. This happens regularly, so I wonder why I don't have a better grasp of my theatrical preferences. This film does have some graphic scenes, but oh the story is so touching. I do love a movie that keeps you thinking about it long afterward. And I don't believe this one was based on a book...


Amber said...

Considering how very infrequently I watch movies, it surprising that I have actually seen two of the four you reviewed. The last two, to be exact. I thought Benjamin Button was a bit slow, but I enjoyed the storyline. But then, if I remember correctly from high school English class, I found most of F. Scott Fitzgerald's stories to move slowly. As for Gran Torino, I loved this movie. The language was a bit tough to handle at times, but the story was very sweet and the ending was unexpected, but perfect.

Kristen said...

"Unexpected, but perfect." I could not agree more!


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