Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter wonderland

For the vast majority of my 28+ years of life I have resided in the greater Portland area. Snowfall is a relatively rare occurence here, and when the flakes do appear, they often immediately melt onto the wet pavement. The idea of a white Christmas is generally confined to song, since I can only recall two (one was actually last year, but the snowfall probably measured three eighths of an inch).

If you were to watch any local news this past week (I don't--although special "storm coverage" has pre-empted regularly scheduled programming of Simpsons reruns. Lame!), you might hear intensely uttered phrases such as "Storm of the Century!" and "Winter Blast 2008!" possibly accompanied by thrilling theme music. Unusual weather brings out the best of local news, don't you think?

For no other reason than your viewing pleasure, some interesting photos I have taken over the past several days:

view from our back deck on the first day of snow

rain chain frozen solid with animal tracks in morning snow

amazing icicle formation

husband's afternoon snow angel perfectly covered in a new coat of white (even his little head imprint remains)

the snow level has reached the chair seats (huskies love it, but can the deck hold out?)

maybe the deck will last, but can a K-mart patio set withstand the pressure?

"Winter greetings" with the initial dusting of snow on 12/14

"Let it Snow?" about 18 inches later on 12/23.


Bridget said...

Awesome pictures. I am slightly jealous you get an authentic Christmas.

I remember it snowing a lot more when we were kids. Not tons, but more than it did when we were older. I remember at least two major storms like this one you guys are going through now, with snow drifts up to my waist (but I was like 7 at the time, so maybe that's not that high).

guentherfamilynews said...

I am sad that I missed all the snow! :)


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