Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No sign of Katie, but how 'bout Norman?

Just so you know I wasn't getting any wild-hair ideas that I actually bear any resemblance to the beautiful Katie Holmes, I'll share with you my celebrity look-alike collage. My Tucsonian friend shared the idea after my random Katie post, and you can do your own too.

My collage is absolutely disconcerting, so let's analyze my humiliation for your entertainment, shall we?

1. Perhaps I have some Asian ancestry of which I am not aware. My top 3 matches are from Thailand, China/Hawaii, and Japan, respectively. These are beautiful models, granted, but my skin is totally butt white!

2. Famke Janssen is my favorite match. She is gorgeous.

3. Okay, the next two are GUYS! What's up with that? At least Jesse McCartney is slightly attractive, but who is this strung-out looking Norman Reedus? I haven't even heard of most of the movies on his IMDb resume. But then again, before today I had only ever heard of two of the "celebrities" in my collage.

4. Selma Blair is a name I wouldn't be ashamed to be called.

5. And again with the lovely dark skin, several hundreds of shades away from my pale pastiness.

I don't know how this all works, but the results are certainly disappointing. I want my money back.


Bridget said...

That Norman Reedus guy is hideous. Needless to say, I can't see any resemblance whatsoever. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

your actually fucking hideous to be honest and I can't see u looking like anybody on any celebrity list. maybe rosie. maybe miss piggy


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