Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One-stop shopping

I drive by this store in a ghetto part of Hillsboro on my way to one of my Curves clubs.
They just couldn't come up with a creative name I guess. But hey, judging by the merchandise I can see through the barred-up windows, they deliver what they promise. So the next time I need a new outfit, speakers for my car, and a baby gift, I know right where to go.


Bridget said...

And I love the all-inclusive "GIFTS." Because what are "gifts," really? It's just a non-creative way to say "and a bunch of stuff.'

Dale said...

I have seen this store there i believe on tenth next to a Plaid Pantry (a customer of ours). I too thought it was very odd to have unlike things in one business. Maybe it was a compromise of husband and wife?



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