Sunday, September 14, 2008

The man for whom I would consider leaving my husband

Dennis Miller is intellectual comic genius and strikingly handsome. Gary won't be offended by my saying so, because I know if he had the chance to run away with Dennis Miller, he might not turn it down. So we both have crushes on the guy, which makes it acceptable.

Gary and I had the distinct pleasure of attending Dennis' recent performance at Spirit Mountain Casino here in Grand Ronde, Oregon. I feel like Mr. Miller takes my own political and social views and presents them with the precise cleverness that I can't always manage. I laughed out loud throughout his show, and had the unique benefit of hearing every other joke twice, as the man sitting next to me subscribed to the "repeat everything I think is funny in case others didn't hear it" school of thought.

Don't worry, Gary, you're still stuck with me for now. But I might just vote for DM as a write-in this year. Refreshing.

PS: We won $125 at the Blackjack table too. I love that game!

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