Thursday, December 2, 2010

Preschool macabre

Breakfast table conversation with a not-yet-four-year-old:

Without segue: "Mommy, I had the dream* when I pushed my friend Fanky** and she died. She died when I pushed her."

Grappling for the correct response: "That sounds like a scary dream, honey!"

Incredulous: "NO it's not!"

Tentatively: "I think that your friend dying is a little bit scary."

Confused: "No...dying is fun."

Still unsure of how to proceed: "Have you ever died before, Madelyn?"

As if it is so obvious: "Yes."

Curious: "Oh? How did you die?"

Matter-of-factly: "When a T-Rex ate me."

Thoroughly amused: "Really. When did this happen?"

Growing tired of this line of questioning: "In one hundred days."

These kinds of hilarious discussions are becoming more frequent as Madelyn's imagination and aperture of life experience are simultaneously expanded faster than her comprehension of reality can keep up.***

*This is the first time Madelyn has ever spoken about a dream or even indicated that she might understand that they occur.

**We hear references to a friend named "Fanky" who does not seem to actually exist.

***Bet you thought now that NaBloPoMo is over you wouldn't see a post from me for six months or so.  Ha HA! I proved you wrong.


Amber said...

I love it! The imagination of small children is quite entertaining. I'm glad to see that you are still posting - I love reading your blog!

Bridget said...

Kids are so weird sometimes.

Glad you're posting still, too!


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