Monday, December 6, 2010

De-Lurk Day!

Did you enjoy NaBloPoMo? I did. Writing 30 posts in 30 days wreaked havoc on my precarious balance between business workload vs. available time to be productive, but I enjoyed it all the same.  And I want to continue writing on my blog.  There is certainly an element of personal satisfaction inherent in blogging, but to be frank, I am self-satisfied in other areas of my life, so that reward alone is not enough to keep the wheels of Beyond Mommy turning.  The implicit reality is that engaged and participatory readers are the lifeblood of a good blog. Without feedback wherein the writer learns who her readers are and what they enjoy reading, a blog can easily wither and die (I submit as evidence for your consideration: May through October on this blog).

Therefore, I am officially declaring today "De-Lurk Day" on Beyond Mommy.

Do you read this blog on a regular basis, or are you just stopping in? How did you find this blog? Did a less-than-hilarious Google search land you here? Did you click through from a mutual friend or a facebook post? Are you an ex-boyfriend's brother or my former boss or someone I've never met? Or do I see you every day and not even know that you are reading this?? Now is your chance to come clean. Let the world (and more importantly, me!) know that you're reading this blog.

Just write a quick note to tell us a little about yourself, how you know me or found this blog, and/or why you read it, if you want. 

I happen to know that Bridget (from whom I received permission to steal this whole De-Lurk Day idea*) would love some company on my very quiet comment platforms. I find it plausible that some people fear commenting precisely because it is so quiet--it's like giving a speech in your underwear. But consider this blog as a social platform. If I wanted to have a conversation with myself, I wouldn't need a computer. And that is no fun anyway.  If you have taken the time to read one of my posts, can you take another moment to continue the discussion a little further? Do you like it or hate it? Agree or disagree? Did it make you laugh or roll your eyes?  Surely you have something to say. Everyone does. My posts merely provide an opening monologue for what could be an engaging conversation. 

So go yourself! And then please don't be a stranger...

*I know I 'll never get 55 comments on this post, but come on Beyond Mommy fans, let's have a decent showing here! I know you are out there lurking!  :)


Bridget said...

Hi. You know I'm here and that I love your blog and have to restrain myself from commenting on every post.

Amber said...

I'm pretty sure you know I'm here too! And I also love your blog! Don't stop blogging!

Thamar said...

Ok so I know you Kristen from the MOMS CLUB.
Yes, I love that your doing this, I get to hear whats in your mind, whats going on and more of you period.
I have recently started reading your blog through your post on facebook. I love them and hope you continue to post them.
I have caught myself laughing on some of them. And thinking on others.

Many times I have wanted to post a comment, but thought twice about it thinking how dumb i would sound. Sometimes its hard to write or express what your thinking, so I just giggle and look forward to the next post.
I have got to say my favorite was the curls you and Madelyn got. yours werent to much of curls (afro). and the one that I look forward to in the future is more of those movie reviews. I also did a bit of promoting on the cheese grill bus. wow amazing and intresting. I believe we will have to take a trip as a family.
Keep them coming reading them makes you know your not the only one out there goofy, adventurous, confused ect...
So if I sound dumb, goofy or make no sense at times. Well just ignore it and think "hmm... thats Thamar for you"
p.s. remember my husband always "jokingly" says "im going to sue the board of education in california for letting you graduate"
***thats me De-Lurking***

Jennifer said...

I enjoy all your posts on my Reader, but don't comment as often as I probably should. Keep it up!

Barbara said...

I have known you longer than ANYONE, and it's about time I left a comment and said how much I enjoy reading your blog. I'm the proud mommy of Beyond Mommy.

Anita said...

I see that you have the sitemeter on your blog. Does it register many more visits than comments?

I wish the lurkers would comment more. too. But from my experience, only bloggers comment. Probably, because we are comfortable with "writing." I've been surprised at how many people I've spoken to about blogging and have gotten the response of, "I can't write."

Kristen said...

Yes, Anita, there are hundreds of visitors to my site each week. And various friends, family, and contacts tell me that they read my blog.

Anonymous said...

I love you and I love your blog! I'm grateful that I get to enjoy lots of early morning, sweaty conversations with such a brilliant & beautiful friend. :) Whenever I read a new post on Beyond Mommy, your voice is right there. Love all your fun, witty observations on motherhood and life.

Steve said...

Hello Kristen,
I didn't arrive at your blog by any of your suggested routes: I haven't been reading your blog on a regular basis; Didn't do a less-than-hilarious Google search that landed me here; didn't click through from a mutual friend or a facebook post? I'm not an ex-boyfriend or his brother or your former boss.

I'm only two blogs into my blogging career and I'm here purely by chance because I'm nosey and clicked the button at the top of the screen which says "next blog". You it seems are our neighbours in the bloggesphere! So may I introduce myself. I'm steve and I run the bere island whale sanctuary blog and it's a pleasure to meet you.

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Casa de Buen Provecho said...

I came upon your blog by accident. After I posted my blog, I clicked on the top where it said next blog....and here you came up. It is like playing blog rolutte. You never know what you are going to get. :) Yours is the first that I have found that I enjoyed. I know it can be hard to find the time.....keep writing.


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