Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wannabe runner

I am a wannabe runner. For now. Soon I will actually be a runner. When I was 18 I ran my longest race: the Columbia Classic, a beautiful 15k twilight run. I haven't done much running since then, although I do exercise almost every day. I like the idea of running, but the physical actuality of it is difficult as a beginner. I decided that I wanted to pick an upcoming race or two and follow a training plan to be able to run them. I wouldn't just walk out the door and run multiple miles without a purpose like this, so it's a great way for me to start. My main goal race to start with is a 5-mile run in conjunction with the Portland Marathon on October 5th. So that will be a very exciting way to launch my running career. But I would also like to walk the Champoeg Half Marathon on September 20th and run a 5k near my hometown on September 28th. So I'm on my way to becoming a runner, and I'm very proud to announce that I ran two entire miles straight--no walking--on Thursday. Tomorrow it's 2.5 miles, so wish me luck!


Bridget said...

Wait a second...when *I* was 18, *I* did the Columbia Classic!!!! I did it three years in a row and I'm pretty sure that was one of the years. Did we run it together and I just don't remember?? There were about a million people there, and it was, you know, twilight, but still. You'd think we would have discovered this before.

Kristen said...

Actually I remember running into you there, but we didn't like, run it *together.* You were probably embarassed to be seen with me at that point. I did run the whole way my first year. The next year I did it again without training at all, I just showed up, and I think I walked some that year. I would welcome all of the advice you can give based on all of your glorious experience!


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