Sunday, August 31, 2008

Adventures in Blogging

I have spent more hours than I care to admit over the past several days trying to get this blog to look and perform the way I want it to. Without going into all of the technical, boring details, the gist is that the beautiful "rainbow garden" template I chose had some layout features I didn't like, and in order to change them I had to delve into the html code. That is one subject I knew absolutely nothing about, but through consulting various websites and a helpful blogger who responded to my plea for advice in a help group, I actually figured it out! There were multiple problems, and each one I fixed seemed to create others, so I ended up throwing away the template and starting from scratch with a standard layout. I am pretty proud of myself for getting it all perfect through what was at first a completely foreign language called xhtml. And now, I hope you like the way it looks, because it will probably be a long time before I attempt another overhaul.


Bridget said...

YAY! I love it.

It's funny you went from template to custom, because I'm sick of doing custom and I think next overhaul I'll use a template. We'll see, I guess.

Linny said...

I'm excited for your blog, what a great idea. Sorry I didn't give you a heads up that I would be in your area, it really would have been fun to see you. I love your blog lay out, I really do/. Also your birthday cake looks quite yummy. I like your ear pircing too, I secretly always wanted a little nose stud, but that was before I got married and could pull it off. You should take a picture of all your piercings, where do you have 8 of them?


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