Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wild Card Dream Team

I believe the Wild Card contestants will be announced tonight on American Idol. These dozen singers have already endured the humiliation and dejection of being sent home, but will come back clinging to one last thread of hope. Hope that they won't have to suffer the same fate again so soon.

These are the people I want to see on the Wild Card show. I hope someone over there at AI pays attention!

1. David Osmond: Yes he is one of them. And yes he does have an unbelievable voice and is pretty easy on the eyes as well. David was cut during the first episode in Hollywood, with no more explanation than a clip showing his sullen face walking off stage. Since we didn't even hear his group's performance, I can only assume he forgot the lyrics (since Simon decreed forgetting the words to be an automatic ticket home). Then when people who hummed half a song or stormed off stage when their mind went blank moved ahead, I had to assume something else was up. I want answers.

2. Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle: I want to see more of this. Entertain us, American Idol!

3. Ricky Braddy: An unknown contestant with a purely pristine voice.

4. Jamar Rogers: I think Danny Gokey's best friend, the one who supported him through his wife's recent passing and demonstrated at least equal talent throughout the competition, was excluded from the top 36 for dramatic effect, heightening the excitement when he is put through on the Wild Card show. That's what I think.

5. Anoop Desai: The performance that sealed his fate was utterly unremarkable, but we've heard his worthy pipes before.

6. Mishavonna Henson: She's cute and she can sing. I'm running out of people I care to see again.

7. Kristen McNamara: Assuming she doesn't move ahead from last night's votes (I haven't watched the show yet).

Those are the people I would actually care to see return for another shot. Here are a few more that I predict will be coming back:

8. Jackie Tohn: This girl's personality grates on my nerves a little, but she would definitely stand out in the crowd. Offering a unique sound is worth a lot in this game. I predict she will be Randy Jackson's pick.

9. Megan Joy Corkery: I hated her song last week. But the judges seem to love her, so I think they will bring her back.

10. Matt Giraud: While his vocals were horrid last week, I know he seriously impressed in Hollywood, so maybe he'll get another shot to prove himself tomorrow.

11. Scott MacIntyre or Jorge Nunez: Whichever of these two doesn't move forward tonight should be called back for the Wild Card show.

12. I wonder if Simon will invite Bikini Girl back to the stage. If that chick defines the word despicable, then one far worse is needed to describe the male judges' encouragement and the female judges' allowance of such a disgrace. American Idol's shameless promotion of the entire spectacle was truly appalling. I would say it did the enterprise a disservice, only I'm sure the wake of press created was well worth a few unread angry letters and feminist internet outcries. Maybe if I ditch a flaming bag of poo on Fox's doorstep the approach might be reconsidered. Hmmm.

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Bridget said...

I love how you see through all the producers' gimmicks. I don't know that I would have been so perceptive but I bet you are right.


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