Saturday, March 14, 2009


My friend Karen sent an email with a whole slew of these things. The following collection were the funniest to me, so I decided to pass along a good laugh. Enjoy.


Oooooooooooh. It's a quarter. I see now.

I make the same mistake ALL THE TIME.

Boy, were their faces red.

At first I hoped this Mr. Beto lost his job as Senior VP of investments. But then I realized that what I really hope is that the person who submitted this "question of general interest" received a blunt smack on the back of the head.


Why you should never rely on statistics.

Come on, doesn't this paper have an editor?


Why would an individual have a wide selection of brands and designs of toilet paper to begin with?

Will file this one away in case I meet anyone named Grady, and then he dies. I do love the implication that an interested buyer would not have to be named Grady.

You never know when a collection of old people will come in handy. I'd be really disappointed if it was just a stack of magazines.

An impossible contradiction.

Just wanted you to know.


KimberlyGanir said...

Soooo funny!!!!

The Kings said...

Oh they are hilarious!

M and Em said...

I think you need to do these once a month - they're hilarious!


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