Saturday, January 31, 2009


For several days now I've been itching to add a few sentences to my last post about the recent sale of my business, and now finally have a few minutes to sit down and do so.

Although I maintain a sense that I was pushed out the door with not quite so much as a "thanks and goodbye," it must be emphasized that I am the one who willingly opened that door and stepped out of it.

I am not yet entirely disposed of my connection with this club, as I continued to provide assistance throughout January. While I am still dealing with some aftershocks of the transaction, I have already begun to experience the impending liberation: a tremendous relief which shimmers around the edges with elation.

I am disappointed that I won't have a pleasant memory of parting with my first Curves club to treasure. But along the way I have collected those meaningful memories and expressions of gratitude. I won't forget this journey, one whose story is distinctly beginning, middle, and end.

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guentherfamilynews said...

Again, don't forget that we were pretty much closed throughout most of December, and come January it was unclear if it would be proper to throw a good bye bash since the transition was done.
Plus you were the organized one, lol now we have to figure out how to become as organized without the mighty do all behind us :)
You were great there and you ARE missed!


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