Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini Movie Reviews: Hot firefighter, Strange puff ball

Much like that book I read last year, I had no idea going in that the central theme of Fireproof was built on a religious message.  I'd overheard a lot of positive buzz about the film, and hadn't considered that those buzzing were probably so enamored with the idea of an "inspirational" movie being on the big screen that they could easily forgive the cheesy dialogue and poor acting from every single actor besides Kirk Cameron, who really held the entire piece together. The "love dare" concept is interesting in itself, however, and I find I'm able to interpret a story like this in a way that is relevant to my frame of reference. 

Surprisingly very funny. We actually laughed out loud a few times, especially pretty much every instance in which Katie appears:
Delightfully odd, if a little creepy.

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Anita said...

I've heard of this film a lot. A friend suggested I see it; said it will make me want to improve my marriage.
I saw the first film by these producers - can't think of the name of it, but the backdrop was football. Yes, the acting was poor, but it was heartwarming.
Because I am Christian and hear scripture all the time, it did not make me feel awkward, but I can understand non-Christians feeling uncomfortable.
Our book club tends to stay away from Christian themed selections, but when one slips in, all the group is able to handle it and discuss it with maturity.
When we read a book about reincarnation, I got through it somehow, and discussed it as a person trying to learn another person's way of thinking.


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