Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 random things

By popular demand (by which I mean badgering from one particular friend), I am posting these 25 random thing you probably didn't know about me. Enjoy.

1. I have a big freckle smack in the middle of my right big toe. I have had it since I was a child, but it has started fading, which oddly saddens me.

2. I rarely wear make-up. It just takes too much time. If anything, a little powder foundation to even the skin tone.

3. I am allergic to my own dogs. But I suffer because I love them.

4. The only foods I can think of that I do not eat are mushrooms, raw onions, and shellfish other than prawns and whatever clams are found in clam chowder. Other than that, I EAT EVERYTHING. I love food.

5. I am a drama geek. My favorite roles have been Rizzo in Grease and Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream. When I have more time, I want to return to do more community theatre.

6. My husband and I combined our two last names to create a new family name when we got married. So we both have a "maiden name."

7. I can type pretty fast, but my hand positions are not technically correct. And since I primarily use a laptop, I am proficient with keyboard shortcuts.

8. I find great joy in wrapping presents. My mother used to even let me wrap my own because I enjoyed it so much. She would put items in plain boxes, and I would wrap them without ever peeking inside. I wouldn't dream of ruining the thrill of surprise!

9. One time I made out with the pilot of a small plane while his flight students took the controls. I'm sure he kept one eye on what they were doing. Ahem. At least I hope so.

10. I have always despised the flavor of cola. It doesn't matter if it's Coke, Pepsi, RC, or store brand, I just do not understand how anyone finds that taste the least bit pleasant. I rarely drink any soda at all, but when I do it's Root Beer or a Sprite equivalent.

11. My only travels outside the United States have been to Canada and Mexico, both as a young child. I have been to Alaska once and to Hawaii twice, but that's the extent of my exotic expeditions thus far.

12. I lettered in choir in high school. That's right: lettered, like normal people do in sports. The necessary accomplishments included being co-president of Concert Choir, Alto section leader, and a member of our small performing ensemble. I was also voted by peers and drama director as "Best Female Vocalist" my senior year. I do love music, but it is now with chagrin that I admit I have a letterman's jacket with four treble clef patches sewn on the big 'W.'

13. I have never broken a bone in my body. I always wanted to because a cast and crutches seemed so cool.

14. I send thank-you notes faithfully, not only because my mother taught me well that it is the right thing to do, but because I truly enjoy expressing my gratitude in words. I also know how good it feels to be appreciated.

15. My late childhood spanned the resurgence of new Disney animated features that began in 1989. I can still sing most lyrics from The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Lion King by heart.

16. I prefer to drive with manual transmission. Well, in little, fast cars anyway.

17. Once upon a time I had a crippling crush on Doogie Howser--the character, not the actor who portrayed him (Neil Patrick Harris). That's the first celebrity crush I can recall.

18. Window shopping only depresses me. If I can't buy, I don't want to look.

19. I hate the shape of my chin.

20. I have a nerdy tendency toward sticker charts and reward systems. I have my mom to thank for that quirk.

21. I endured ten years of piano lessons and completed the highest level of OMTA piano syllabus evaluation. Yet I am disappointed in my playing ability because it has always been a struggle for me, rather than a "natural" talent. I have always wished I could play by ear, or at least be a better sight-reader. I can sight-read vocal music well, but on the piano, my eyes, brain, and hands form slow connections.

22. I genuinely love shopping for other people. If I had more money, I would buy gifts for my friends and family all the time, because I constantly see things they would love and that I want to give them. When I'm filthy rich, I plan to give generously to those I love.

23. I played with Barbies past the age at which most little girls lost interest. If it's any indication, my cousins and I would sometimes pretend Skipper was battling the consequences of an unplanned teen pregnancy. You know, shopping for baby clothes, the poor dear.

24. Soccer and volleyball were my sports of choice growing up. Given the opportunity now, I would love to play again.

25. I'm a sucker for traditions. There is something so special about having silly, inconsequential memories to look forward to and repeat again and again.

So now you know some useless facts about me. This wasn't originally a blog tag per se, but I'd love to extend the invitation to enlighten us the same way to:
If you accept and want to pass the tag along, great. If not, no worries here. Thank you Barb, for expressing interest in learning a bunch of odd crap about me.


Bridget said...

Very interesting. I don't recall your Doogie Howser obsession, so you must have kept it under wraps pretty well.

Annie said...

So, this is how you thank me for giving you an award?


jaeyde said...

7 - same here. People laugh when they see me type. I use about 5 fingers consistently. The index and middle fingers of both hands, the thumb of my right hand and occasionally, my right pinky for the return key and my left ring finger for shift. But I can type 45-50 wpm, which is slow for a transcriptionist but still pretty darn fast.

10 - agreed. though I tend to prefer clear sodas all the way.

17 - ME TOO!!! well... not a crippling crush. but not insignificant. haha

Anonymous said...

Hooray! My name in lights (well, on your blog anyway...what a rush.)
seriously, thanks for sharing your random things. I love having a little insider-info. :)


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